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Meet The Crew

The Mizzen Crew is a Shanty Crew enjoying delivering songs, stories and music relating to life on the water.  We share a passion for keeping traditions alive through entertainment and workshops

The film "Fisherman Friends"  was the inspiration to create The Mizzen Crew

"if you dream alone, it stays as a dream, if you share a dream you can make it a reality"

Our members come from Cumbria and Lancashire and we are always looking for those with a similar passion for telling the story of the lives of those who worked on the sea through the medium of shanties and song. 


We have a varied repertoire thanks to the contributions from each member of the crew who not only bring new ideas and material to our library but also are happy to lead the songs.


We currently have 12 crew members which means we have a good chance of supporting all requests for performances.

As a crew we will not say, or do anything which can be construed as showing intolerance, hate or disrespect for any race, gender, sexuality or creed.

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