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The Mizzen Crew is delighted to be associated with Morecambe RNLI.


We are keen to raise the profile of the RNLI volunteers, those that answer the call for a rescue not knowing what they will have to deal with, and as well as those who support them. 

Are you planning to run an event to raise funds for your community, organisation, or chosen charity?

We will be happy to discuss how we can help.

At the end of the year we review the fees received and make donations to the Morecambe RNLI lifeboat Station and other Charities

Organisations We Are Proud To Have Supported

Morecambe RNLI; Bay Project ; Garstang Library Fun Palace; Heysham Community; Cancer Care; Marie Curie; Hornby Occasionals; Lancaster Royal Infirmary

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Are you interested in booking The Mizzen Crew for an upcoming event or fundraiser? We would be thrilled to sing for your cause and support local charities. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

We will reply to your enquiry

No Mizzen crew member or those associated with the Mizzen Crew will benefit financially from our performances

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